President-elect Donald Trump has labelled the recent reports or Russia’s cyber attacks on Democratic Party servers as a “political witch hunt.”

Trump has always rejected U.S Intelligence claims that Russia was responsible for the hack and influencing the election outcome.  He made the political witch hunt claim hours before he was scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing.

Mr Trump as has Russia has always denied that the Russians hacked the Democratic Party servers, and passed the data to Wikileaks who later published it.  It was revealed that the Democratic Party was passing debate questions to Clinton before she went into debates against Sanders.

Trump has said that his adversaries are embarrassed by his election win.  He said, “China, relatively recently, hacked 20m government names. How come nobody even talks about that? This is a political witch hunt.”

Trump continued to say that the White House and Congress had also been hacked.  He said, “With all that being said, I don’t want countries to be hacking our country. They’ve hacked the White House. They’ve hacked Congress. We’re like the hacking capital of the world.”

Intelligence agencies are putting together a declassified version of an intelligence report that can be shown to the public. They said that the hacks went further into spreading fake news.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, a man that has lied to congress in the past, said, “Whatever crack, fissure, they could find in our tapestry…they would exploit it.

“There is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism, which policy makers, to include policy maker number one, should always have for intelligence, but I think there is a difference between skepticism and disparagement”.

Trump responded by saying, “They got beaten very badly in the election. I won more counties in the election than Ronald Reagan.

“They are very embarrassed about it. To some extent, it’s a witch hunt. They just focus on this.”