Caroline Sharp, 65, who can be described as nothing less but a cruel and sadistic mother, has been sentenced to prison after allegedly treating three girls as her slaves, and starving them.

Sharp forced one girl as well to drink the water out of the toilet, and did not permit any of the girls from having a shower for almost six weeks, according to reports.

One girl had to resort to stealing food throughout the night due to the overly imposed starvation on them by Sharp.

Sharp confessed that she had abused all three children throughout June of 1975 till 1991.

A Nightmare Locked Away

The three girls witnessed their torturer at the Grimsby Crown Court and had broken down into tears upon witnessing Sharp being once and for all locked away by the authorities.

According to the prosecutor Gordon Stables, one of the abused girls had been Sharp’s daughter, whilst Sharp served as the stepmother for the remaining two girls, since their mother had passed away in 1973.

In March of 2015 one of the abused stepdaughters had finally went to the authorities in which the entire case was finally just then brought to light.

Believe Them

The stepdaughter told the authorities and explained how she was treated as an actual slave, and then as starvation was constantly imposed on them, she would attempt to take some food from their cupboards.

However, if Sharp caught them, she would physically abuse them afterwards. Both of the stepdaughters were terrified for asking Sharp for some food, and they were constantly left to rot of starvation.

Mr. Stables stated that the young girls would be forced to attend school on an empty stomach, and between the days of Friday and Monday no food was given to the girls by Sharp.

When one of the girls had gotten her periods, Sharp forced her to use either newspaper or toilet paper, and was not allowed to use any type of facilities for washing herself.