After having an argument with her brother, a 13-year-old girl was discovered hanged at her house with the phrase “I hate my brother” written on her arm.


Bethany Fitton was found June last year by her 18-year-old brother, Ben. They wre arguing because she didn’t wake him up to go to work. When he found her, Ben tried to resuscitate her while calling the emergency. After transferring her to the hospital, Bethany died there.

It is known that Bethany loves doodling on her arm. Bradford Coroner’s Court confirmed that the same day at school, Bethany doodled “I hate my brother” on her arm in ink.

After finishing school, she walked with her boyfriend and caught a bus to her house. Her mother, Estelle Fitton, was drinking tea and waiting for Bethany. Then, Bethany took her meal to her own room and kept listening to the music.

Estelle reported that at that time her husband was still at work while Ben was out with his girlfriend watching a movie.

When Ben came back at around 7.30pm, Estelle asked her son to take the laundry upstairs. Having to pass by his sister’s room, Ben passed by her room to reach the staircase leading to his bedroom, that is when he found Bethany hanging.

Unable To Save Her

Bethany was transferred to Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax then to Leeds General Infirmary which is a bigger hospital, but doctors failed to save her. Three days she hanged herself, Bethany died.

“I cannot understand why Beth has done this. This is the last thing I ever expected to happen – it was out of the blue,” Richard Fitton, Bethany’s father, commented.

“There is simply no explanation given to why Bethany would do what she did on that day,” Assistant Coroner Peter Merchant said.