A tragic woman has been discovered locked up in a cage in the woods after falling mentally ill. The woman was found in China by a hiker in the country’s Guizhou province, and is understood to have been there for a decade after her family become unable to cope with her.

Local reports say that the cage allowed creatures, including snakes, to get in, and the woman was terrified. The woman was first found by an 18 year old student, who made the discovery while he was hiking. He said that the cage had been covered over by wood, but that it was nearly freezing when he found her, and the woman only had quilts to keep her warm.


She told him that she was cold in the winter, but found summer worst because of biting insects and snakes. Realising that she was locked in, the student took her clothes, shoes and food, before a local reporter was contacted.

The woman’s family said her name was Xiong Simei and she was 42. They said that she had struggled to cope following a break up with her long-term partner. Her brother said that his sister often hits people and destroys things, so she was put in a cage because he had to go out to work and his mute mother could not deal with her. His father died some time ago, so is not at home to help.

He also claimed that the government was aware of the situation and gave the family a £23 subsidy, but that this was not enough to pay for regular care and sedatives. The Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhenyuan County, has not confirmed whether it knew about the case or not, but has said that officials will be sent to the family to look at what it happening.