Mike Rogers, Alabama Rep., has brought forth a bill earlier in January in which he has requested for the United States to withdraw its membership completely from the United Nations.

Rogers’s bill also added to cut all existing ties with the United Nations after withdrawing from it.

This bill was called the ‘American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017.’ It was introduced just three days after the New Year’s, and is co-sponsored by several conservative legislators.

Such conservative lawmakers come from states such as Florida, Missouri, Arizona, Tennessee, and a few others.

Too Much to Ask For

Congress has not yet responded to the call for such a move to take place as of now.

In the bill, it mentions that the United States should cease in further funding along with sending any troops to assist peacekeeping operations that take place globally under the UN. In addition, the bill requests that the UN to leave all US owned property as well.

This move would ultimately abolish the Environmental Program Participation Act that was introduced back in 1973.

The US would also abolish its current membership and involvement within the World Health Organization along with removing all diplomatic immunity for members of the UN who preside in the United States.

A Second Attempt

The requests made in the bill are evidently extremely powerful all at once, and it would take an immense amount of support for it to eventually move past the House and land at the Senate.

Apparently Rogers already had attempted in passing a bill with similar requests to this one back in 2015, but to no success.

A political science professor from the University of Washington, Stephen Biddle, remarked on this bill by saying it “doesn’t strike me as something that’s likely to rise above the noise.”

Donald Trump has previously mentioned that he intends to alter the US’s involvement and participation with the UN throughout his term.