Satellite images taken this month from North Korea show Pyongyang naval shipyard an “aggressive program” below to build its first operational ballistic missile submarine and the United States Department reported Thursday.

38 North, a North Korean supervision project based in Washington, cited November photos. 5 show activities in North Korea Shipyard South of Sinpo.

“The presence of what appeared to be parts of the pressure hull submarines and shipyards proposes the construction of a new submarine, possibly SINPO-C submarine ballistic missiles – the result of the experimental SINPO class current submarine ballistic missile,” said 38 North in the report.

The report indicates that during 2017 there was a continuous movement of parts and components inside and outside the two parts along the corridor in the middle of the courtyard

He reported that the images of November 5 showed two large round objects, which could be parts of the underwater helmet. They said they were bigger than the North Korean submarine of the ROMEO class.

The images of the tester showed a resumption of an underwater missile launcher. The report said, however, that we can see no activity suggesting preparations for the new underwater missile test.

North Korea is working on the development of nuclear capabilities capable of reaching the United States, causing a major international crisis. President Donald Trump said all options are being considered, including the military.

It is also believed that North Korea is working on solid propulsion for submarine ships

Last month, the US diplomatic magazine said US military intelligence had discovered a new diesel submarine in Sinpo and called Sinpo-C. He said the submarine would probably be the main successor to North Korea’s exclusive experimental ballistic missile submarine.