A stunning McDonald’s worker has managed to shed six stone after she was taunted by customers, who called her McFatty. Twenty year old Gemma Hilton, from Nottingham, was teased by drivers as she worked at a drive through at the fast food joint.

Her weight had soared to 18 stone because of an unhealthy diet of chips and chocolate, leading to her facing taunts while at work. But, the push she needed to change her lifestyle came when she was refused entry into a fitting room by a store assistant. The shop worker told her that, at a British size 24, Gemma was too big to fit into the outfit she wanted to try on.

However, now that she has stopped binging on junk food, Gemma has lost an astonishing six stone, and is a size 10 to 12. Gemma, now working as a hairdresser, said she was humiliated at being dubbed McFatty.


She said: “People would shout it to me through the window as they drove past. I was really embarrassed but it didn’t stop me eating, every shift I worked I had a McDonalds meal plus loads of sides and then I would get home and have my dinner.”

Gemma said she ended up dressing like someone more than twice her age in a bid to cover up her tummy. While she would go clothes shopping with friends, she said she did not want anyone to know what size she was so she usually did not try anything on. On one occasion, she grabbed a size 12 and went into the changing rooms, but store assistants said she could not try it on as she would rip the gown.

Humiliated, Gemma dashed from the shop in tears. But, she said it was what made her finally adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Now, instead of junk food, she eats food from the Cambridge weight plan.