A school boy is accused of hacking his family to death with an axe after a row about his father’s new girlfriend. The 17 year old, who has been identified only as Alexander K, has been arrested in connection with the brutal killings in western Russia.

The boy is alleged to have killed his 14 year old sister Victoria, his father Victor, 43, and his grandmother Vera, 67, in their beds. All three of them were discovered in their beds, which were soaked in blood. Horrific images have emerged showing pillows and duvets covered in blood. They are all understood to have suffered multiple wounds.

It is understood that the teenager’s relationship with the rest of his family broke down after he lost his mother to cancer three years ago and that he did not like his father’s new partner. However, he finally snapped when he asked the family if he could borrow £2,800 and they refused.

Suffering from depression

According to neighbours, the 17 year old has suffered from depression after his mother died. They said that he no longer spent any time with his friends and that he had joined an extremist religious group. The teenager is still being questioned in custody by police and it is expected that murder charges are imminent. Detectives have found mobile phones belonging to the victims, which had been hidden by the alleged killer.

Images have also emerged, but the alleged killer’s face has been blurred out. He is seen carrying bunches of flowers, while dressed in a dark suit, along with his father. While his father and sister and seen in happy photos as he gives her a piggy back.

His family members were found dead in their beds in their home in Tambov. It is not known whether any of them woke up before they were struck the first blow, or which of them was killed first.