The severe vetting that takes place in most airports in the world has been overshadowed by the intensity of the scrutiny taking place in the ports of the United States of America.

Many have alleged to be treated in humiliating and degrading manner without any justifications along the procedure.

Authorities have increased the magnitude of security measures in light of the rising terrorist threat that has taken over the world.

Stories have been emerging of immigrants, refugees and even nationals that have been forced to undergo additional screening and detained for several hours until a clearance was issued.

Endless hours of detention

Mohammed Fairouz, a Syrian/American internationally renowned composer whose music has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center, was recently halted and constrained at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The famous artist was given no apprehensive reason for the harsh protocol that were initiated against him, having to undergo 8 hours in a waiting room and additional screening.

In an article he published after his release, he described authorities to have given him only his “Muslim name” as a ground motif for his detainment.

The artist refused in his publication to direct the main cause at the newly elected American head of state, instead he blamed the system and the lawmakers in general for not being able to spare innocent people from the “degrading process”.

Executive initiative

The travel-ban that Mr. Donald Trump wanted to impose on several Muslim majority countries has been a trigger point to all the flying passenger narratives that have been circulating these days.

Many speculate the anger and the frustration that are resulted could lead to a wide-range opportunity for the radical entities to use and abuse.