After a dramatic two-hour ordeal in Jacksonville, Florida Thursday morning, the suspect, Nicholas Daquan Humphrey, 23, was arrested and all 11 hostages were safely released.

Humphrey entered the Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville with his dog around 9am, and proceeded to hold up the bank with a handgun, repeatedly threatening to kill hostages.

SWAT Interference

The standoff, which saw hostages threatened with guns to their heads, ended after two hidden hostages escaped and collaborated with police and SWAT, directing them to a concealed entrance to the bank.

SWAT then used a large, tank-like battering ram to infiltrate the building and shield hostages, and themselves, from the suspect.

Humphrey, who had then been surrounded, surrendered and was not harmed.

Quick Thinking

Police say a witness not inside the bank, saw tellers crouching and putting their hand up when she alerted police of the possible robbery.

The unnamed woman told ABC First Coast news, “When you see something crazy, let it be known that it’s crazy.”

“God be the glory! Oh, hallelujah!”

Clara Cruise, the mother of a woman who works at the bank, said she was relieved to see her daughter leaving the bank with officers and other hostages.

Another mother, Latasha Shuman, said her son, Andre, 18, who worked at the bank texted her from inside during the incident. He had said that two people were shot, contrary to police reports.

Witnesses nearby the bank also heard shots and phoned 911, but it remains unclear if the gunfire was directed at any of the hostages.

Sheriff Mike Williams told ABC news there were no reported injuries, and the dog was also safe. The hostages were not allowed to speak to reporters after the incident.

The suspect, who had a criminal history, was described by the hostages as being “nervous” throughout the incident.