Support for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is crumbling following the German Christmas market terror attack in which 12 people died and many more were injured. Now, Ms Merkel is believed to have been punished for her open door policy on refugees.

According to a new poll, support for her conservative DCU party is continuing to fal. Around 13,000 people left membership of the CDU party, which now has 434,019 members, putting it behind the social democrats. Many people have turned to the hard right Alternative for Germany as they want a tougher stance on immigration.

The centre left SPD party, which is currently in coalition with CDU also faired pretty badly, having lost 9,000 members. Again, this was thought to be a result of policies on immigration. The Tunisian man who was the main suspect in the Berlin terror attack on December 19 was a failed asylum seeker, who should have been deported by the end of this year.

Far right

Following Donald Trumps surprise win in the US elections, support for parties which sit to the far right has been rising across Europe. In Germany, support for the AfD and neo-Nazis continues to soar. Since November, they have 2,000 new members.

The AfD now has more members than Mrs Merkel’s party does, just nine months before Germany will hold a general election, with the current Chancellor seeking another term in office. In a poll, carried out by the Forsa research group on behalf of Stern magazine, 28 per cent of those surveyed said that Mrs Merkel’s policy on refugees meant that she was partly responsible for the massacre on December 19.

Meanwhile, three quarters of respondents said that the ongoing terror threat in Germany would be a key part of the general election. The AfD has also beaten the Chancellor’s party in a number of regional elections this year.