The best-selling game as observed in October was Super Mario Odyssey.

In both sales of hardware and software for the month of October Nintendo took the first place according to the figures released by NPD.

The game console that took the first place in sales was the Nintendo Switch, while the creation of the company, Super Mario Odyssey took the recognition as the best-selling game of the company. This feat is notably impressive considering the fact that the game was launched officially on the 27th October and it did so on only one platform. This was in contrast with Assassins Creed Origins that was released on the same day and more than one platform, three actually.

More notable stats about the Nintendo success

Nintendo also took the second hardware spot with the mini edition of the Super Nintendo Classic. The company shared that when added to the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo alone accounted for more than two third of the sold hardware this past month in the United States. This case was also the same in September. It is hoped that Nintendo will be maintain the level of demand even as the holidays are about to come through, and the rush of the shopping season is about to start. The company has already made plans to increase its production of the Switch in the coming year.

Moreover, the industry of the United States that is centered on video games made sales of a million units of the hardware in October, an achievement that since 2011 has not been reached before.

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also produced by Nintendo took the tenth position for the month, while the other notable release, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild couldn’t make the top ten list, coming in at the eleventh.