There are lots of fun things to do this summer at Zoo Atlanta. “Trader’s Alley: Wildlife’s Fading Footprints” is a new exhibit that opened in June. After more than a year of planning and construction visitors will now be able to see Sumatran tigers, Malayan sun bears, wreathed hornbills, and a clouded leopard, among other animals. Some of these animals are new to Zoo Atlanta and others have not been seen in Atlanta in many years. In this exhibit visitors will learn about the many problems facing wildlife today.

Summer fun at zoo Atlanta include:

Zoo Atlanta’s Summer Safari Day Camps offer lots of fun and educational opportunities for children ages 4 through rising 8th graders. Participants will learn about animal habitats, caring for the animals, and who’s who at the zoo. There are half day and full day camps.

The GEICO Gecko Exhibit will open at Zoo Atlanta on July 27 and runs through August 30. This traveling exhibit features giant day geckos, which are among the world’s largest species of geckos. The exhibit is made possible through GEICO’s partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and has stopped at zoos and aquariums throughout the country.

Zoo Atlanta officials are very excited about the birth of a baby giraffe on July 13. A 3-year old female giraffe named Glenda gave birth to her first calf. The newborn baby giraffe is approximately six feet tall and is estimated to weigh between 100-150 pounds. Mother and baby will be off-exhibit for 2-3 weeks to allow them to bond.

There are a number of regular daily programs available at the zoo including animal keeper talks, a petting zoo, and orangutan and gorilla feedings. Zoo Atlanta has the country’s largest zoological collection of orangutans and western lowland gorillas. On the weekends there are two live animal shows: “Amazing Animals” and “Animal Superstars”.
Plan to visit Zoo Atlanta this summer. There is always something fun to do at the zoo!