The RMT Union have stated that they have decided to proceed with even more strikes as of next week.

The hundreds of thousands of passengers that have been enduring this entire dilemma for months now have yet to endure it for even longer at this point.

According to what has been declared by the union, as of next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the strikes will be taking place. As for the guards, they are set to conduct a walk out next Monday for 24 hours.

The Southern Rail had stated this week that they would return the trains back to its full functioning services as of next Tuesday.

However, they stated only 12 of their drivers are to be striking and that they still plan on continuing with their services as normal on January 24th.

When Does It End?

The RMT Union claims that they plan on conducting additional strikes due to not being included in the talks that had taken place between both the company and ASLEF.

Southern says that next Monday they will be able to run about 70 percent of all their trains.

This percentage serves as 10 percent higher than what has been seen by them when operating on the days that strikes had been conducted by the guards.

Uncertain Future

The return to operating the train services again as normal came after the drivers from ASLEF had decided they will not go forth with their scheduled three days of strikes along with removing the overtime ban imposed on the drivers.

Additional talks are said to take place again with the train operator.

Mick Cash, the RMT’s general secretary says that he feels he must remind everyone that the guards were the ones to offer and ensure the safety of all passengers and have committed themselves to sacrifices for a long time now.