For ages, scientist have been researching and discovering new ways to obtain new forms of fuel to power various things on the earth and achieve sustainability of natural resources. Some of the most popular elements is solar power and wind power. We all remember how popular solar power became in the 80’s and 90’s. As time went by, its popularity dwindled. The main reason solar power wasn’t such a big interest anymore was because it was yet at the point where people could use it for every part of their life. There was the option to install solar power in your home, but the price wasn’t affordable for the masses. So instead, consumers continued to eat up regular energy for all there necessities and wants. The small advancement in other forms of solar power wasn’t enough to have a major effect on the large mass of consumers.


The Rise of Alternative Fuel

The constant discovery of new ways to operate and live on earth is incredible. Change and growth is happening at a rapid pace. This is the same with our use of fuel. We’ve already witnessed in the past 10 years how popular corn became. Something that was mainly used as a part of a diet is now being used to fuel machines and vehicles. And now, scientists are taking their discovery of alternative fuel one step further. This time, the new discovery is very awkward and possibly disturbing for some. In 2012, scientists invented a toilet system that processed human waste and turned it into electricity and fertilizer. For centuries, we knew that animal waste was an important part of gardening and used to fertilize plants. Now, scientists are using human waste in the same form and taking it a step further by using it as fuel. On top of using the human waste for fertilizer and electricity, they have also reduced the amount of water being used to flush the waste by as much as 90 percent. This not only creates a way to improve our use of energy, but also reduce the excess use of water.