The Late Show is hosting the ‘Mooch,’ and Stephen Colbert couldn’t hold his excitement. The host said on Wednesday night that they joke much about exclusives because it’s not often exclusive.

Anthony Scaramucci to visit The Late Show for the first time after leaving the White House

Stephen Colbert on his desk Wednesday announced about an upcoming exclusive interview on Monday. He added that the guest would be someone everyone wants, but The Late Show will have him. Colbert went on to say that he will be with a guest who was once in the White House but he hasn’t talked to him since he left the White house. Colbert unveiled that Anthony Scaramucci will be sitting with him on Monday.

Stephen Colbert couldn’t hold his excitement as he screamed ‘The Mooch.’ He expressed his excitement previewing the interview and the possible questions he plans to ask Scaramucci.

Colbert unveiled his plan to ask Scaramucci what it feels like being in the White House with Trump. He also plans to ask ‘Mooch’ how loyal he thinks President Trump is at the moment, following the incident that happened barely ten days into the position as the director of communications. He went on to say that it’ll be a fun filled time with Scaramucci on Monday.

To get a tip of what Scaramucci thinks, you may want to take a look at his tweets. There he attacked Ryan Lizza during the day on Wednesday. Scaramucci maintains that the New Yorker’s reporter recorded the call without his consent; Lizza claimed that those were profanity-laced comments.