A family from Kansas City says their dream vacation was ruined by the negligence of the popular airline company, Spirit Airlines. The company actually canceled the flights of about 20,000 passengers due to ongoing disputes.

The head of the family, Paul Moore, complained bitterly about how Spirit Airlines ruined their well-planned vacation.
Moore in a conversation with Robert Townsend, FOX 4’s reporter, said that, both his mother and sister were so happy and excited about their family vacation trip to Los Angeles, and they couldn’t wait to board the flight.

“We were very excited. We’re getting no sleep because we’re prepared to leave on Wednesday” he said.
He became furious when he received a message on Wednesday morning from Spirit Airlines informing him about the cancellation of their flight.
“They said we could fly out the next day in the morning”, Moore said.
However, they endured the emotional trauma only for things to become worse.
“We get on a plane. We fly to Detroit in the midst of all that going on, they canceled our flight when we’re in the air,” he cried.
After their arrival in Detroit, the family suffered 3 other canceled flights.
“I’m very angry because like I said, it’s supposed to be a family vacation and they took away my vacation time to spend in the airport and flying,” he complained.

According to a Spirit Airlines spokesman, Moore’s family were unfortunately among over 10,000 passengers that experienced flight cancellation due to a legal dispute which was ongoing at that time between the Pilots Association and Spirit Airlines.

Arriving in Los Angeles in the early hours of Friday, the family managed to get a rented car which drove them to San Diego, where they planned to spend the vacation. According to Moore, the family was able to spend just one day with their relatives out of the three days trip they had planned.
To add insult to injury, Rita Robison, Moore’s mother had a swollen face because she was unable to go for her dialysis check-up with her doctor due to the flight cancellation.

“I’m done. I’m just done. I’ve never been on a trip like this in my life,” Moore’s mother lamented.
In an attempt to compensate the family for the ordeal they experienced, Spirit Airlines gave the family free travel vouchers. But Moore said there is no way he’s going to use the vouchers and he will get rid of them.