Winter Storm Jonas doesn't stop for lunch in Briarwood, Queens, NY

Snow has covered a large part of North Carolina, Virginia.  Many of the roads are now impassable and as such store owners have been unable to restock.

According to The National Weather Service Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Roxboro has all received at least six inches of snow.  Ice and sleet were making roads treacherous in Raleigh and the south-east.  Southeast Virginia which is in the path of the storm could see up to a foot of snow in some places.

Currently, North Carolina is under a winter storm warning until 7pm today.  Duke Energy, have so far reported more than 14,000 outages, many in the Charlotte area.

Lauren Rathbone, who manages a public hardware store in Durham, said they sold out more than a 100 sleds yesterday along with bags of icemelt. She said, “At the beginning, it’s ice melt and sleds. Closer to it when people start realizing it’s going to be super cold, they’ll start working on kerosene heaters, kerosene wicks … Probably Saturday somebody’s going to be out of electricity, and they’ll start working on lamps.”

As well as Virginia getting a foot of snow, it also has a blizzard warning.  Winds are expected to get up to 45 mph.

Car accidents have increased dramatically since the bad weather.  One man whose pickup truck went off the road has died, and numerous reports of minor accidents have been reported.

Mississippi highways had ice forming on them, making driving dangerous.   Alabama is currently under a winter storm warning until 1pm local time Saturday.

Georgia will see 2 to 4 inches of snow covering the northern part of the state by Saturday.  The people of Atlanta went home early on Friday to avoid the inevitable snowstorm.  Some took to sleds as their preferred method of transportation to get home.

Many events have been cancelled due to the weather.