It has been over 10 years, since we witnessed the brilliance of Dave Chappelle’s comedy, with the show that bears his name. With only two official seasons recorded, Chappelle put a stop to everything. Not knowing how large his show would eventually become, the fame became too much for the comedian. It was so tough that Chappelle walked out the studio on one of his recordings and took a plane to South Africa. Some may say it was a ‘crazy decision’, but Chappelle said it was a therapeutic decision that prevented his ego from growing.

With all that in the past, Chappelle’s fan base still remains. Those two seasons did something special for the television viewers. Even after 10 years, people are still anxious to be surprised with a new Chappelle Show. For now, they’ll get the closest thing to it. The comedy improv that has been airing for decades is finally about to have Chappelle host their show. Some may question what took so long, while others are just happy that it finally happen.

Saturday Night Live has placed Dave Chappelle in control and allowing him to host SNL on November 12th. This will be monumental and probably one the biggest viewings in SNL’s history. The guys at SNL had their thinking caps on, when they made the decision. They are bringing Chappelle aboard, when everyone is learning to adjust to the new president that will take control in 2017. After a shocking victory, SNL can build off that and bring in one of the best comedians for political comedy.

This move could also open up a new window. With it being so long that Chappelle has had his own show, the response on Saturday could possibly spark a flame. If not in Chappelle, at least in the production crew. What would the world be like with another Chappelle Show?