Technology continues to wow those that are watching from the outside, looking in. The latest gadget are glasses that have the ability to take pictures of whatever you are looking at. Aside from its new unique ability, the design is very impressive you could easily wear these glasses and be ‘in-style’.

The glasses arrive in a unique square box that looks different from what you would put glasses in. Also, the price of the glasses are approximately $130. This definitely isn’t cheap glasses, but they are more than just your regular pair of shades. The glasses are available in three different colors (teal, coral, and black). For the most part, you would be able to get away with those glasses looking like your everyday shades. The only difference is the cameras that sit on either side.

The case for the glasses is unusual, but there is a reason for that. The case is also the charger. The case has a cord, where you are actually charging the case. From this point, you use the power from the case to charge the glasses. Which what seems to be a must, you also have a cleaning cloth to maintain the quality of your “special shades”. With the case, you can get as much as four full charges. This is great for those long days and you’re not at home to charge your glasses or case. When you have a fully-charged pair of glasses, you are able to take up to 400 pictures. Some people may not get used to wearing glasses that you have to charge.

The glasses are great, because it limits the amount of power that is used on your phone. You don’t have to go into your phone, because you are literally wearing your camera. The glasses also make it a lot easier to share pictures.