Former British Ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood has defended his involvement with the ‘dirty dossier’ and has denied handing it to John McCain, an outspoken critic of the President-elect.

Wood, 77, believes that the ex MI6 spy Christopher Steele, who created the dossier is right to flee for his life.  Wood has said that the content of the file was public last autumn, and he discussed the contents with McCain at a security conference in Canada, around the time of the US election.

Donald Trump has lashed out against Christopher Steele, stating he would sue him if he ever came out of hiding.

He tweeted, “It now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued”

Britain and Russia have descended back into almost Cold War like hostilities over the incident, with Russia accusing Britain of playing both sides.

Wood, however, has said that his Russian sources could have fed the bogus information to him as fact.

Wood said, “I know him to be a very professional operator who left the secret service to operate his own company.

“I do not think he would make things up – but I do not think he would always draw the correct judgement.”

Reports are surfacing that MI6 boss Sir Alex Younger is “livid” that Steele accepted the job of putting together a file on Donald Trump.  One source told the Sun newspaper, “Chris should never have accepted this bit of work.

“It was always going to come out at some stage, as was his involvement with it, and that is deeply embarrassing to the service.”

Christopher Steele has gone on the run, leaving his £1.5m home this week.

Wood denies passing on the dossier and even denies reading it.