A Russian man who got aggressively drunk during mid-flight on British Airways led to about 10 other passengers attempting to restrain him.

The plane that departed from Heathrow Airport had been at an altitude of 35,000 feet during the incident and was bound to Bangkok.

It was said that the Russian had apparently finished an entire liter of Whiskey that he had purchased from the duty-free and then added several more complimentary drinks that were offered during the flight.

Footage of the ordeal shows at least eight male passengers along with two women attempting to constrain the Russian man.

Meanwhile members from the cabin crew went to get handcuffs body straps to place on the drunk passenger who was described as being quite aggressive.

Within Their Hands at Last

Eventually the passengers were able to take control of the situation and hold down the Russian man for the last two of the eleven hours of the flight.

One passenger named Simon Johnson, 47, who had been involved in the efforts to subdue the drunk passenger remarked on the matter by saying that the man was simply “out of control.”

Scary Drunk

Mr. Johnson, a chef, stated that as he was waiting to enter the bathroom on the flight, the drunk man had apparently come up from behind him and started to shove him.

The chef added that the Russian was a big person, and his behavior had been quite terrifying towards the rest of the passengers.

Nonetheless, they were able to force him down in his seat for the remainder of the flight but he was still making a huge scene.

Mr. Johnson expressed just how scary this incident was for them since the plane had been at an altitude of 35,000 feet during the incident, so at that point everyone worries about the slightest of things.