Ireland golfer, Rory McIlroy, has joined the long list of critics who are criticising the state of the grass as the US Open kicks off.

A lot of players posted videos of the state of the course before the grass was taken down from Erin Hills.

However, The United States Golf Association (USGA) have stated that their decision to cut the grass is based on weather and not feedback from players.

McIlroy said “we have about 156 of the world’s best players right here and if we have issues with hitting a golf ball. Then the only we can do is just pack our bags and head home because it is almost unplayable.”

The fescue was removed from holes 4, 12, 14 and 18 and according to the USGA, the fact that golf was unplayable is largely due to the weather forecast.

However, Rory McIlroy who is currently ranked number two in the world was visibly shocked when he was informed of the changes by reporters.

“We have about 60 yards down from the left side to other side so it is still not the solution,” McIlroy said.

“Without a doubt, these fairways are the wildest that we have played in this competition. The cut in the first and second area is another 10 yards that are added to it, which makes it worse.”

“I understand that it can thick in this weather but it has to be dealt with because it is a hazard. Things should be better because this is the US Open and we expect it to be very tough. So it will be worse if players can’t even play properly from 50 yards. So it’s understandable that we are complaining.

Players united against the Turf

Lee Westwood also mocked the course as he put up a funny video on his social media pages showing his caddie looking through the thick grass before retrieving his ball. Although other players didn’t see the funny side of the situation.