The possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) getting to be more intelligent than humans and taking complete control over the planet has been as a part of Hollywood movies for quite a long time.

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has propelled a warning showing that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will, in the end, assume complete control over humanity with the ability to end humankind.

The 75-year-old cosmologist cautions humans of the dangers involved in AI technology, expressing that if individuals design computer viruses, somebody will design AI that enhances and replicates itself. The visionary has called AI “a new form of life that will take over mankind and outperform people.”

According to a report, Hawking said: “I fear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may replace humans eventually.”

In a meeting with WIRED, the cosmologist had mentioned that he doesn’t think theirs is a difference between what a biological brain and a computer can accomplish, so it takes after that eventually machines can turn out to be superior to us.

Youngsters should go into space research, hawking advised

According to a report in the Metro, Hawking said “I trust we have achieved the final turning point,” he said, “Our planet is becoming too small for mankind, the global populace is rising at an alarming rate, and we’re in risk of self-destruction.”

With this, Hawking also stressed upon the importance of youngsters appreciating space and planetary research, so we can colonize other habitable planets and salvage our species.

This isn’t the first time Hawking has raised a warning about AI. Two years ago, he said that the robots we design could end humanity with a teensy effort.

He also mentioned that we should get ready to leave earth in 100 years and that our only hope could be a “world government.”