Songstress and former The Voice judge Rita Ora is facing losing a large sum from her music industry fortune after being caught up in a £2.3 million swindle.

The pop star, understood to be worth some £10 million, has been told by detectives that they have launched an investigation into an accountant alleged to have conned a number of companies out of large amounts of money over a number of months. The frauds are alleged to include some against firms Ms Ora has investments with.

Ms Ora’s accounts are understood to be among those which have been accessed. However, while she could lose tens of thousands of pounds as a result, her investments should be covered by insurance taken out by the companies.

Northamptonshire Police say they have now arrested a man, 35, and he has been bailed while investigations continue. The accountant has been described as living like a “Saudi prince”. However, police are now looking at how he funded his lavish lifestyle. Ms Ora’s lawyer confirmed that one of the firms with which the singer holds an interest may have been the victim of fraud.

Ms Ora has been very astute when it came to building up her fortune. She only released her debut album four years ago, but has built up sizeable reserves and assets. It is understood that she was paid £1.5 million for a stint on The X Factor, after leaving the voice. She also has very lucrative advertising deals with Adidas and DKNY along with a new job with America’s Next Top Model, which she is hosting.

The fraud investigation comes after Ms Ora was the victim of theft last year when her home was robbed. Charaf Elmoudden was convicted of stealing £200,000 worth of her belongings, including designer bags and jewellery, and was sentenced to five years in jail.