An expert has revealed what the body language signals given off by President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May during their first meeting divulged.

President Trump welcomed Mrs May to the White House on Friday, with the two appearing to get along swimmingly, despite a few awkward moments. According to a body language expert, both leaders were worried about the meeting.

Joe Navarro said that Mrs May was showing psychological discomfort because of her facial expressions, but the two did end the event in sync by standing side by side for a joint press conference in front of world media. Once they took their podiums, their body language was mirroring that of each other, showing that they were getting on.

Holding hands

Mr Navarro said that Mr Trump was keen to show that he is a gentleman, after facing criticism for not waiting for First Lady Melania when they arrived at the White House to great Barack and Michelle Obama. Mr Trump was seen holding onto Mrs May’s hand, to prevent her from slipping on the path from the Oval Office, which is renowned for being slippery. He said that holding hands was appropriate, but only if both parties were happy to do so.

The two were seen posing for photos in the Oval Office, next to a bust of Winston Churchill, when Mrs May looked tense. However, Mr Navarro said that would have simply been because of the staged nature of the photograph. At this point, he said, Mr Trump displayed signs of nervousness by filling in silence with chatter.

Mr Navarro also pointed out that, while Mr Trump wore his coat open during his inauguration, he had buttoned it up for his meeting with Mrs May, showing the importance he placed on developing a good working relationship with the Prime Minister.