The super market chain that is known for its high quality and service has made it to the news for a different reason. It is reported that nearly a dozen Publix Super Markets recently failed their food safety inspection. There were serious violations, which included dangerous food temperatures, ants, and rodents.

An anchor for ABC Action News, Wendy Ryan went to one of the locations in South Tampa. Ryan approached a customer that had just purchased lunch from the store’s deli. The customer shops at the grocery store on a regular basis. They were not aware of the recent failed inspection. When questioned about it, the customer told Ryan, “I don’t want to see rats running around!”

After the inspection, the state ordered the Britton Plaza location to throw away 20 pounds of sandwich meat, after they discovered that meat was contaminated and had been stored underneath a drain line that was leaking. Ryan went on to ask the customer for their thoughts on learning about the food safety issues. They replied, “I’m going to check my food and make sure it’s ok.” The reporter learned that there were a lot of customers that had no knowledge about the food safety problems.

Another customer was questioned by Ryan. This customer was a dedicated shopper for more than 20 years. Once Ryan let them know about the location failing their state inspections, the customer replied, “That’s terrible! You got to buy food for your family and everything.” Another location nearby also failed the state’s inspections. This location had a stop sale and destruction order issued on 200 pounds worth of food, because the dangerous temperatures of the cooler could make a consumer sick. Some of the foods destroyed were whole roasted chicken, Cuban sandwiches, salads, and macaroni and cheese. A customer went on to say how it was a rude awakening.