A wave of protestors in the thousands appeared at Christopher Street just outside of the Stonewall Inn on Saturday and rallied against President Trump’s executive orders.

The executive order, also referred to as a ‘Muslim ban’ had called for an immediate travel ban against those coming from seven specific countries that hold a Muslim majority population. It also called for a halt on accepting any refugees for a span of at least 120 days.

Those who helped organize this event stated that it was meant to stand in solidarity with those who were Latino, Muslim, refugees that were affected, and communities that hold immigrants.

Chuck Schumer, a New York legislator as well as the Senate minority leader chanted in the rally “Dump Trump” as the protestors followed his lead.

Not In Our Country

Christine Quinn, who once served as a city council speaker had joined along in the demonstration and addressed those who attended.

Quinn then stated that they will continue to strive and fight against any type of act that seeks to discriminate other citizens, and the fight will continue until it is done once and for all.

Quinn went on to say that every single executive order President Trump has signed by far do not “affirm that we are one America.”

A State of Anger

Ever since the controversial executive orders were passed by President Trump just eight days ago, protests from all around the United States have been taking place daily.

Additional demonstrations are scheduled to take place throughout the upcoming weekend which would include around Trump’s estate that is situated within Palm Beach in Florida.

It is said that Mr. Trump will be spending his time there this weekend.

Protestors went around Washington D.C. as well as London on Saturday and some had held up signs in which they read “fight ignorance, not immigrants.”