Prince William, 34, has stated that he will end his career as an Air Ambulance helicopter pilot in order to serve his duties as a royal family member.

Prince William along with the Duchess of Cambridge are expected to be moving to Anmer Hall situated in Norfolk and will be presiding at the Kensington Palace as of next September.

Their son, Prince George, will be attending at the Wetherby School just minutes away from the Kensington Palace at that time.

This decision by Prince Williams came after the Queen had scattered up some of her own duties as a royal family member to the rest of the members in the family.

Pay Your Dues

Last month it had been revealed that the 90 year old Queen Elizabeth will be stepping down from her stature.

However, a source mentioned that Prince Williams wasn’t in any way pressured from anyone higher than him in order to take on more duties as a royal family member.

The source added that the Prince is actually a lot more willing to add more duties and more responsibilities than people would actually assume or expect.

From Past Experiences

Such criticism and assumptions about the Prince has resulted not out of pure rumor or fiction. It came as a direct response as he had apparently never intentionally gotten involved into accepting more royal duties and some had referred to him as a “work shy” person.

According to reports, Prince Williams last year had used up about 80 days of the year in order to meet with official engagement. However, the comparison with Prince Philip, aged 95, serves as quite a gap.

Prince Philip was reported as to attending and carrying out over 110 days of the year for official meetings that had to be conducted, including formal visits. Queen Elizabeth was said to have spent 80 days of the year for similar matters.