Reuters had reported that Hariri was welcomed by members of the forces of security as his final return was covered by live television.

The actions sparked by Hariri had raised some speculation in the weeks that passed, the speculations suggested that the resignation he did from his office on the 4th of November was done under duress and that even the speech he read that day was forced by his hosts, the Saudi Arabian persons who held him as a virtual hostage back then Riyadh.

Hariri had gone from Saudi Arabia the night for a brief visit to France where he was welcomed warmly by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. Before he left, Hariri had denied in a tweet he shared on Twitter that he had been held bound by the Saudis.

After the TV appearance of the leader of Lebanon, Doubts increase concerning his future and people

After the short visit and stay in France, Hariri went on to visit Egypt and Cyprus, holding brief meetings with the leaders in these countries. When he went to Egypt, he made a promise to go back to Lebanon in time for the celebrations of the Independence Day by his people. The people expect him to also meet with the Lebanese president Michael Aoun who had pledged on a previous occasion to ignore the resignation tendered by Hariri until he did so in person.

The press associated reports

“Hariri was the leader of a government of the coalition having his political opponents in the group of militants known as Hezbollah when he surprised the whole of Lebanon by declaring his withdrawal from office on the 4th of November. He accused the militant group of holding Lebanon hostage and also of them planning in secret to take his life.”