Christmas tree in woods

The UK is witnessing commotion before Christmas as one of the busiest railway lines have been struck with more protests, resulting in disarray for transportation, and post office workers have left their offices to protest for five days, and plan to do so until ChristmasEve.

Amount of Strikes

About 20 percent of the posts within the UK will be under heavy fire.

The transportation services are in complete disorder as the Southern Rail strikes have prevented about 300,000 citizens from ease of movement, and 200,000 more are expected to add to this figure. Former minister of defense, Sir Nicholas Soames, has demanded that the government to pass laws that abolish strikes after the Post Office protests had surfaced.


Mr. Soames stated that these strikes have become a pattern which aim to add weight towards the government, but result in troublesome matters for the citizens who rely on these types of services.

Mr. Soames went on to mention that the timing for these strikes are very inconvenient, and that ministers have been trying to dodge specific actions to being inflicted, yet they may be forced to do it.

The Communication Workers Union has announced that about 3,000 of its employees, ranging from 300 of Britain’s vital post offices will walk out of their jobs starting from Monday until Friday as a result of their quarrels regarding loss of jobs, the closing of certain branches, and pension disagreements.

These walk outs will inevitably result in a completely frenzied Christmas and postal services for gifts, as the last days all posts are Dec. 20th and Dec. 21st.

A spokesman from the Royal Mail assured the public that if these post workers go on with their strikes, the Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd. will carry on resuming their work as usual and that about 97 percent of the branches will not take part in it.