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Police are hunting a suspect believed to have beheaded a woman and her daughter before trying to copy the German Christmas market truck attack.

The man, named as 25 year old Dmitry P is alleged to have killed a 42 year old woman and her two year old daughter. He then drove a lorry at high speed, but was stopped by police from getting into Odessa in southern Ukraine. On his way to the city, he had already caused a traffic accident while driving at speeds of 100mph, which is why police became suspicious and stopped him getting into populated areas.

The suspected attack comes just two weeks following an attack in Berlin, in which an ISIS terrorist turned a truck into a weapon, ploughing through shoppers at a Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring 48.

Copycat attack

Dmitry Golovin, head of the Odessa region police, says that the man in the latest incident was planning to “repeat the Berlin terrorist attack” by ploughing through crowded streets in a truck. When he found that the road in front of him was blocked, the suspect in Ukraine then turned into a field, where the lorry became stuck. The man than fled on foot.

A huge manhunt is now under way, with a total of 1,500 specialist troops, sniffer dogs and the national guard. A large area has been cordoned off while they try to track down the suspect. It is believed that the man could be hiding out in a summer country house, as they are now standing empty during the winter months. Locals have been warned to be on their guard for the man, who is described as dangerous. They have been told not to approach him, but to alert local authorities, as he is believed to be armed. As yet, his nationality has not been officially revealed, but it is believed he is from Odessa.