The New York socialite dubbed the Bride of Wildenstein because of the extent of her cosmetic surgery is accused of attacking her long-term boyfriend with scissors and hot candle wax while staying at Trump World Tower.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 71, has been charged with cutting the Canadian fashion mogul Lloyd Klein, who is 22 years her junior, with a pair of scissors and clawing at his face with her long nails.

Mr Klein has reported that he only escaped the attack after pushing the woman, who has also been dubbed “catwoman” as her surgery has altered the appearance of her eyes, into a cupboard. Police were then called and officers booked her on suspicion of felony assault.

He has now left the apartment, before Ms Wildenstein appeared before a judge and was then released. The couple have been dating for three years, however Mr Klein has said that their relationship is now over.


A source said that the fashion boss considered that she was a “ticking time bomb”. He said that she was a beautiful person when in a good mood, but that she could fly into terrible rages at any moment.

It is understood that the couple had enjoyed a meal together before a row broke out about the amount of time Mr Klein was spending on social media. Ms Wildenstein is believed to have flown off the handle because she did not believe he was paying her enough attention.

She is then accused of throwing hot wax from a lit candle over him before clawing at his face with her nails and grabbing some scissors which she is alleged to have used to stab Mr Klein twice in the chest.

At that point, Mr Klein says he pushed her into a walk-in cupboard in the hallway of their plush apartment, although he denies locking her in.