Mysterious Girl singer Peter André has welcomed a new baby boy to the world with his wife Emily.
However, so far, the couple have either not decided on a name for the new addition, or they are keeping it secret for now.
Peter tweeted: “Very very happy for our new baby boy :)).”
He then added: “Thanks so much for all you’re lovely comments. Buzzing.”
A representative for the Australian has since confirmed that “both mother and baby are doing fine” after the birth
The newborn is the singer’s fourth child. Peter is also father to 11-year-old Junior and eight-year-old Princess, with his ex wife, the glamour model Katie Price.
He also has a two-year-old daughter Amelia with Emily.
Emily, who is a junior doctor, had already said that her due date was during December. The couple were gearing up for the new arrival at any moment, however, with Peter saying that he was making sure he was no further away than an hour’s journey from Emily in case she went into Labour.
However, it appeared the little boy could not wait any longer to make his appearance.
Peter and Emily are understood to have moved in with her parents so that she can have the support of her family as she looks after a newborn.
Peter said: “We were at Emily’s parents’ house in Taunton for a few days last week. We still think the baby is going to come early, so we’re pretty much basing ourselves there as Emily wants to have the baby in Somerset.”
Emily gave birth to Amelia at 37 weeks, so the couple were said to be more than prepared for their new baby to arrive early too, especially has she had already had a number of Braxton Hicks contractions in the run up to going into Labour.