It is not a frequent occasion for the President or Vice-president to serve as speakers featured at a fundraiser. Those happenings are very rare.

It is custom for them to go to Senators or Representatives in two separate groups: Folks who have been faithful and committed to their administration and those at risk of losing.

Congressman Chris Collins falls boldly into the first group

Collins hosted at the Salvatore restaurant in Depew a fundraiser one that had a small talk on tax by Mike Pence Vice President.

Journalists and other individuals of the media and press were shut off from the event. So it can’t be said how many persons were in attendance or what was served in the event.

What can be boldly asserted is what was shared by Chris Grant, the campaign manager of the Collins Campaign. He said that the occasion should haul in good money to the tune of $400, 000 or more.

Collins, a strong contender

If that figure were to be cumulated with the cash-on-hand campaign million dollars reported to have been gotten at the end of September, it makes a pretty fantastic resource.
“There are about two confirmed candidates that we have after our meeting in Batavia in August with ten interested persons.”

It was insisted by Zellner that Collins is a powerful contender who at present is disliked by Democrats everywhere in the country.

Now, owing to Pence the job of overpowering Collins got more difficult, by $400,000.