Nelson Peltz is not yet ready to throw in the Procter & Gamble towel.

Billionaire investor has requested official counting of shareholders votes after giant consumer claims that Peltz lost his bid for the Council session Tuesday at an annual meeting of the company.

The razor Tide, Crest, Pampers and Gillette Mach 3 admit that voting in the competition, but according to preliminary results, has been declared a victory.

However, Peltz does not diverge from what was the greatest power struggle in history, in which both sides allegedly spent more than $ 60 million on advisors and shareholder whores.

However, some investors talked with Peltz at the meeting

“Although I do not approve capital, I believe Mr. Peltz is a good thing,” said the shareholder during a meeting on issues and responsibilities of the company. “I think you can do better.”

The other shareholder, citing P & G’s growth of 2% of annual revenue since 2000, added: “If there are so many other market opportunities, you need to ask if there is an impressive management.”

Peltz not only supports individual investors representing 40% of the P & G stock base

Institutional investors such as State Street and Blackrock, who together represent 10.6 percent of P & G’s interest, voted against Peltz, a source familiar with the situation, against The Post. Vanguard, the largest shareholder of P & G with a 7 percent stake, voted P & G, the source added.
In Peltz’s failure to try to get DuPont’s board in 2015, all three have teamed up with DuPont.

Peltz has announced a share of $ 3.5 billion or 1.5 percent and intends to join the P & G Supervisory Board in July. P & G’s share fell by 0.6 percent to $ 91.57.

With more than 2.5 billion shares to be counted, it will take weeks before publishing certified results. Source of Near P & G, The Post said.

Despite the apparent defeat of Peltz, P & G director David Taylor said the company would continue to work with Peltz.
“We remain committed to Nelson Peltz, whose contribution we appreciate,” Taylor said at the end of the session on Tuesday.