Police were called to a Publix grocery store, located in downtown Orlando. It was reported that two men were attempting rob women, using steak knives. The police were able to capture the two men, after they threatened two different women and tried to steal their vehicles.

The incident happened around 10 p.m., Wednesday night. 44-year old Gary Leon Young and 25-year old Austin Taylor Lyons yelled for the attention of two women that were walking to their vehicles, as they left the store. The vehicles were parked near Lake Eola Park, in the downtown parking garage of Publix. As Young approached one of the ladies, she informed him that she wouldn’t be able to help him. Young replied, “Yes, you can”. Sources say that Young demanded the keys from both women. After both women refused to hand over their keys, Young threaten the ladies with a steak knife.

The ladies screamed for help, which caused the two men to run away. Thankfully, neither woman was physically harmed. The police were able to find both suspects, hiding on the 200 block of East Pine Street. Lyons fought with an officer, as they attempted to arrest the men. Lyons managed to hit the officer with his elbow, but he was eventually handcuffed. After they both were arrested, the officers found a steak knife in Lyons’ waistband. They viewed the parking lot surveillance video and watched as Lyons received the steak knife from Young, before leaving the parking garage.

Along with resisting arrest, the two men were arrested for an attempt to carjack a vehicle with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault. They were booked at the Orange County Jail. Police are still investigating the scene to determine if anyone else was involved in the attempted robbery in Publix parking garage.