On a trial that involved an unarmed black motorist being killed by a former white police officer, the jurors failed to deliver a verdict. The jurors were attempting to determine a lesser conviction, but ended up being a hung jury and declared a mistrial on Saturday.

The jurors were debating for more than 24 hours. They stated that they were deadlocked several times, prior to the judge’s agreement. Within the next two weeks, it will be decided by the jury if Ray Tensing will be tried again for the murder. Tensing was in court for the murder of a 43-year old motorists, named Sam Dubose. Dubose was shot in the head by Tensing, after being pulled over for not having a front license plate. Afterwards, the former University of Cincinnati police officer was fired from the police force. The incident occurred on July 19, 2015.

When questioned in court, Tensing said his reaction was out of fear of being killed. Prosecutors continuously said the evidence was contradicting Tensing’s story. According to Joe Deters, a Hamilton County Prosecutor, the jurors were moving towards a lesser conviction for voluntary manslaughter with acquittal on the murder charge. Deters stated that the decision was deadlocked at 8-4, favoring the lesser charge. Judge Megan Shanahan said that the jurors returned from a night’s rest and still went two hours without a decision. The jury consisted of 10 whites and two blacks.

Judge Shanahan decided to set a new hearing date for November 28th, where they will determine if the case will be brought back. Shanahan had this to say, “It’s obvious to me, you have made a sincere and conscientious effort.” After a hung jury, the Dubose family attorney, Al Gerhardstein had this to say, “With the video evidence as clear as it is, they shouldn’t have been so stuck.”