One of the most powerful remarks made by President Obama is when he brought everyone to reality by saying, “He’s (Trump) going to be the next president. And regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up and those, those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don’t match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick. Because, reality has a way of asserting itself. And, some of his gifts that obviously allowed him to execute one of the biggest political upsets in history, those are ones that hopefully he will put to good use on behalf of all the American people.”

President Obama went on to talk about the importance of the position that he currently holds: “I remember what it was like, when I came in eight years ago. It is a big challenge. This office is bigger than any one person, and that’s why ensuring a smooth transition is so important. It’s not something that the constitution explicitly requires, but it is one of those norms that are vital to a functioning democracy; similar to norms of civility and tolerance, and a commitment to reason and facts and analysis.”

Obama continued with what the American citizen focus should be. He reassured them that as long as he is the president, the country will continue to uphold the norms, while cherishing and upholding the ideals. The president explained to his staff that they should be proud that they are able to easily transition what they’ve done to the next president. The president still has a goal, which is January 21st. His goal is for America to be in the strongest position that it can be, so that the next president can possibly build from what was accomplished in the past 8 years.