According to reports from the Pentagon, former President Barack Obama had conducted in what was to be his last airstrike against the terrorist group of Al Qaeda members who were based in Syria.

Around 100 members of Al Qaeda were reportedly killed as armed drones as well as a B-52 bomber carried out the strikes.

Just a few hours prior to the transition of power from Obama to Donald Trump last Thursday, the air strikes proceeded to attack a training camp that was situated in the western region of Syria.

For A Good Cause

According to Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman from the Pentagon, he stated that the training camp, known as the Shaykh Sulayman camp had been active since 2013.

The eradication of this camp serves to be for good reason as it will interrupt all forms of further training operations.

Captain Davis adds that destroying this camp removes the possibility of Islamist fighters along with Syria’s opposition groups from collaborating as well as joining forces with the group of Al Qaeda whilst on the harsh battlefield of Syria.

A Hesitant Decision

Mr. Obama was reported to be hesitant on sending any U.S. ground troops into the battlefields of Syria. However, he approved of sending armed drones to conduct the attacks and eliminate suspected militants.

The approval was given although reports always reveal that attacks carried out by drones tend to kill innocent civilians on the ground during the process. Officials from the U.S. claim though that their strikes have not resulted in the deaths of any innocent civilians.

About 14 bombs were said to have been dropped on the Shaykh Sulayman training camp, which was located nearby the border of Turkey.

Although the U.S. attacks mainly focus on ISIS, lately their attacks have also been shifting to Al Qaeda affiliated groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and Jabhet Fateh al-Sham.