On Friday, a Bronx hospital shooting has killed one doctor and wounded six other people. The gunman is suspected to be a former employee at the hospital.

The Incident

On Friday afternoon, a shooting at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in NYC has killed one doctor and wounded six other people. According to the police, the gunman, who was a former employee at the hospital, was wearing a white lab coat before he started shooting people, and then shot and killed himself.

The gunman also reportedly tried to set himself on fire, which set off the fire alarm in the hospital and stopped elevator services. This got in the way of first responders’ ability to reach the victims and properly evacuate the hospital building.

Bill Blasio, the Mayor of New York said: “This is a horrific situation unfolding in the middle of a place that people associate with care and comfort.” He also mentioned that this was an “isolated incident” that seemed to be “a workplace-related matter”, “not an act of terrorism.”

Although the gunman hasn’t been publically named by the mayor or the police, several news outlets including Ruben Diaz, the president of the Brox Borough, have claimed he was a 45-year-old doctor named Henry Bello and was fired two years ago due to “unfortunate circumstances.”

Comments On the Incident

Witnesses described the incident to reporters and the police. Jane Vachara, a 50-year-old cleric associate working on the 9th floor, said: “People were running. People were afraid. She said that for an hour, she and her colleagues huddled in the locker room for protection.

One hospital patient, 23-year-old Krystal Rivera, said she was with her roommate at the hospital, a nurse and a visitor when it happened.  “I barricaded the door with an IV machine, two chairs and my whole bed.” she said.

A hospital counsellor, Ruth Velazquez, said: “We locked every single door in that place, every single door was locked, and we put the patients there, we made sure that our main concern was the patients.”