Steve Lawson, an experienced Kayaker survived shark bites while on his usual paddling. Lawson was paddling at the city’s Steamer Lane when he felt an unusual push on his Kayak. He quickly looked down to ascertain the cause of the jolt, only to see what he describes as a great white.

Lawson narrates the shark ordeal

Speaking to KSBW-TV, Lawson said that he saw the shark clinging on the front end of his boat. The shark forced Lawson into the water by biting the front end of his boat. Lawson attempted to call for rescue using his radio, but he had to waggle in fear for a little while.

Lawson added that there were sharks in the water, but the shark that turned him into the water didn’t come back. Apparently, the shark had no interested in him.
The Harbor Patrol arrived quickly, in about 90 seconds; they pulled Lawson to safety – this was disclosed by Jim Frawley, the Santa Cruz fire chief. Frawley said that Lawson’s experience aided him. He added that he’s versatile and knows what he does very well.

Frawley said the shark had bitten the Kayak, as the bottom of the boat had damages and bites. He pointed that such attacks are not common in Santa Cruz County; he also expressed happiness that the kayaker didn’t sustain any injury.

However, Lawson is still bent on his kayaking thing; he told KGO-TV that he’s not stopping what he has been doing for the past 25 years because of the recent shark attack. He was seen taking photos with the police just after the incident.

The Santa Cruz police investigated the incident and confirmed the attack. Consequently, all beaches within a mile radius were closed for about four days.