The wife of the main suspect in the Turkish nightclub massacre says she only found out about the atrocity her husband is alleged to have carried out when she switched on the television.

She also claims she had no idea he had any links with ISIS, and that her husband had told her they were going to Turkey so that he could look for work. According to reports, the suspect came to Istanbul with his wife and children from Kyrgystan in November. The family then travelled by road to Konya, in central Turkey, via the capital, Ankara. They were renting a flat together, which cost £250 per month.

The suspect’s wife told authorities that he had left Konya on December 29 to go to Istanbul, but that she had only found out about the shooting, in which 39 people died and many more were injured, when she saw news covereage on television.


When police released photographs of the suspect they are hunting, his neighbours in Konya immediately recognised him and called officers. Meanwhile police in Turkey say they have detained two foreign nationals at Ataturk International Airport over suspicion they were involved in the New Year’s Eve attack in the upmarket Reina nightclub.

That brings the total number of detentions in connection with the incident up to 14, but the main suspect still remains at large. Officers have raided three flats in Konye, including one understood to have been rented by the suspect and his family. However, according to reports, all three apartments were empty when police got there.

An estate agent, who rented the flat to the main suspect has also been questioned by officers, but says that he did not know anything about the planned attack. The killer was armed with armour-piercing bullets to kill as many people as possible in the nightclub attack, which ISIS has now claimed responsibility for.