Piers Sellers, a British born astronaut and climate scientist, has died at 61 years of age. Sellers was well renowned for his articulate explanations and input regarding the current situations the planet is enduring.

Sellers was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and died on Dec. 23rd early morning in Houston, Texas.

The former astronaut had been on three different space shuttle missions between the years of 2002 and 2010.

Sellers had participated with actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary regarding global warming called “Before the Flood,” which has been released for viewing this year.

In the astronaut’s perspective, he told DiCaprio that whilst he had been in outer space, he was able to clearly see just how fragile the Earth was, as he referred to the planet as a ‘tiny little onion skin.’

More than Just an Astronaut

Upon hearing about his fatal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Sellers wrote in the New York Times an op-ed in which he shared his own purpose and perspective into the deeper meaning beyond all of the work he had strived for and continued to strive for throughout his life.

In DiCaprio’s documentary along with the op-ed, Sellers stated that human inventiveness should very well serve to prevent the Earth from reaching and further indulging into a drastic phase of climate change in the future.

NASA Pay Its Respects

Charles Bolden, the administrator for NASA stated after hearing of Sellers death that he was an individual and servant for the people who devoted himself entirely for the good of NASA, his own country, and ultimately nations globally as well.

Mr. Bolden added that Sellers was always eager for newer understandings and knowledge that would aid him in carrying the message even further and to wider audiences all around the world so as to shed light on just how delicate the planet we live on really is.