Reports have stated that residents from the seven countries that were listed in Trump’s travel ban have seen an immediate effect on those possessing green cards and US visas.

It has been revealed that those with an American visa or hold green cards are not being permitted to board flights bound for the United States.

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, (ADC) has stated that several airports within the US have told passengers coming from any of these seven nations to return back to where they travelled from.

Abed Ayoub, the policy director for the ADC has cautioned to those who hold green cards that the travel ban would be applied to them as well if they tried to travel back to the US within the same night the executive order was signed on.

“Safety Measures”

President Trump has stated that he suspended refugees from entering the US for a span of at least 120 days in an attempt to prevent any potential radical Islamic terrorists from entering the US. The order has also seen an indefinite ban towards refugees from Syria unless a complete shift of government takes hold there and the war torn country amounts to significant progress. The original 110,000 refugees that were to be permitted in entering under former President Barack Obama has now plummeted to less than half, reaching 50,000.

Concealing Identities

The ADC has warned immigrants who were not documented within the US to not disclose themselves through social media.

The custom officials have stated that they do not currently have the proper or accurate figures to show just how many people at the moment were not permitted in entering US soil and were forced to turn back to their point of origin.

A spokesperson stated that such data would have to come from “the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security,” and only they can decide whether or not if such data can be disclosed.