Christopher Chubasco Wilkins, 48, from Texas, was convicted of three different murders he confessed to committing at Fort Worth back in 2005, then telling the jurors during the court trial that the death penalty to him is really “no big deal.”

The execution for Wilkins is set to take place for him on Wednesday, and would serve as the first execution to be implemented in the United States in the year of 2017.

Alongside him are three other inmates from Tarrant County who are also set for execution in the state of Texas this year as well.

Wilkins murdered Willie Freeman and Mike Silva, and claimed that he had murdered Freeman due to him deceiving him during a drug deal that ended up in him receiving a rock instead of crack cocaine.

The third victim of Wilkins was Gilbert Vallejo, in which both had fought over a matter that involved the use of a payphone outside a bar at Fort Worth.

Piece of Cake Sentence

The court has sentenced Wilkins to death by the use of lethal injection during the hearing back in 2008, in which after his sentence was declared Wilkins responded in court by stating that he couldn’t care less anyhow about whether he had been sentenced life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Get Going Then

“You’ve got a job to do, you tell the judge ‘get a rope’ or not. Look, it is no big deal,” Wilkins said to the jurors before his sentence had been declared. Originally the sentence was schedule to take place in October of 2015, but Wilkins had requested for an appeal for the execution at that time.

According to Hilary Sheard and Seth Waxman, Wilkins’s attorneys, they claim that during the accused’s previous appeal he had not received the proper and necessary counseling from his lawyers, in which the assistant Texas attorney general Stephen Hoffman responded by saying that such an investigation to be carried out would serve as a completely useless matter anyhow.