Mississippi has sparked a controversy by closing down the offices in the city of Biloxi as they said they will be celebrating ‘Great Americans Day,” as opposed to Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK).

An uproar erupted on Twitter amongst users who were enraged by the change of the label for the symbolic day, as Martin Luther King Jr. Day was never mentioned at any given point.

The statement released by Biloxi read “Non-emergency municipal offices in Biloxi will be closed on Monday in observance of Great Americans Day.”

Upon the moment the statement had been made, U.S. citizens from all over the nation had took to social media to question and rant about the change of the title, as they believe such a change in the title completely dismisses the iconic struggle of the civil rights leader.

More than Just a Name

Eventually the city of Biloxi ended up responding to such enraged and confused statements made against them by saying that they do indeed celebrate the day of MLK, but that the state of Mississippi had labeled the day as Great Americans Day.

No They Didn’t

However, the city of Biloxi received even more enraged complaints as it was revealed thanks to several social media outlets that the state of Mississippi has never finalized the term for the day to be labelled as Great Americans Day.

It was also revealed that ever since 2015, Mississippi has acknowledged for the third Monday in January to serve strictly as the day to memorialize the birthdays of both Confederate army General Robert E. Lee, and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

To add to this matter, the Mayor of the city of Biloxi also tweeted later on “as far as I’m concerned, it’s called Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.”