A woman who went missing earlier this year, has now been discovered tied up like a dog inside a storage container.

Thirty-year-old Kala Brown was found by police acting on a tip off from people who said they heard someone banding on the inside of a metal container at a home in Woodruff, South Carolina.

Chuck Wright, the Spartanburg County Sherriff, said the woman had been found with a chain around her neck “chained inside the container like a dog.”

He added that it was only “by God’s grace” that they managed to find Ms Brown alive.

The woman is understood to have been in the container for two months.

Ms Brown went missing along with her 32-year-old boyfriend Charlie Carver in August.

She is now said to have told police that she was not the only victim at the property. She told officers that four bodies had been burned where she was being held.

Police are currently still carrying out searches to find Mr Carver.

The owner of the house, Todd Kohlhepp, who is a registered sex offender, has been placed under arrest in connection with the incident.

Meanwhile, a large scale investigation is continuing at the home.

Ms Brown and Mr Carver had only been dating for a short time when they vanished. Mr Carver was last seen on security camera footage leaving his place of work and he has not been seen since. She is understood to have been going through divorce proceedings at the time the pair went missing.

The couple’s parents registered both of them missing when they could not contact them and they failed to return increasingly desperate phone calls and messages.

They became even more concerned when Mr Carver’s glasses were found left behind in his apartment.

There have, however, been some social media posts. Mr Carver’s Facebook account features messages following his disappearance, which said the couple had married.

When relatives tried to contact Mr Carver via the Facebook account, they were sent a private message back which said that he was fine.

However, family members claim that the account must have been hacked because the posts and messages are not in keeping with what Mr Carver would usually say.

Mr Carver’s mother Joanne Shiflet says that not only did posts not read like her son’s words, but photos which were being uploaded as new were old ones from more than a year ago.