Shadow McClaine, a solder from Fort Campbell was reported missing as of September, 2016. Last Monday skeletal remains that were identified as belonging to McClaine were located in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported the findings and have concluded that the remains match the identity of the missing soldier McClaine.

However the cause for the soldier’s death has not yet been revealed, and no additional details on this matter have yet been disclosed.

Meanwhile two other soldiers, Sgt. Jamal Williams McCray as well as Specialist Charles Robinson have been suspected of murdering McClaine and were charged with the matter.

Mysterious Disappearance

Both soldiers were a part of the army’s 101st Airborne Division, which is said to be the same division McClaine had been serving in at the rank of a private.

Both suspects were charged with kidnapping, conspiracy, as well as premeditated murder.

Although it is yet unknown whether or not Robinson was acquainted with McClaine or not, it has been revealed that McCray was the ex-husband of the dead soldier.

Reports of McClaine’s last sign of life was on September 2nd, as she had texted her mother in which she told her that she’d be house sitting for one of her friends.

Not Completely Innocent

However, worries surfaced once McClaine had ceased to answer any calls or messages.

As soon as she had disappeared, several rumors circulated instantly which made some connection of the matter to her ex-husband McCray.

McClaine was said that she’d be receiving charges of stalking as well as contempt of court just around the time she was confirmed to have disappeared.

McClaine’s mother says that these charges her daughter was facing had everything to do with her ex-husband.

“She’s not totally innocent in all this, but it is not all her either,” McClaine’s mother stated.

The mother added that several people have been trying to make her daughter seem like the perpetrator, but that the true facts were not apparent to anyone regarding the circumstances.