The Mexico soccer team captain, Rafael Marquez has been accused by the United States of being a cover person for one of the country’s drug lord.

The Mexican football player is one of the 42 organizations and 21 people that are being accused by the United States treasury department of acting as cover for the drug lord, Raul Flores Hernandez.

Marquez was invited to the office of the attorney general in Mexico where he gave a statement although details of the meeting have not been released.

Julio Cesar Alvarez, Mexican singer is also on the list.

A Cover For The Drug Cartel

Rafael Marquez is said to have relationships with the drug lord, Flores Hernandez and acted as a cover for him and his cartel holding assets for them.

The statement released by the US treasury office stated that properties that are owned Rafael Marquez and other persons of interest will be frozen.

Marquez who is also known as Rafa made a voluntary legal declaration to the office of the Mexican attorney general stating that his assets are legal.

Julio Cesar Alvarez also rejected the allegation levelled against him and defended Rafa.
“He is one of the best and longest serving players in the game of football. He writes in a Facebook post. “Do you think there is any need for him to get involved in a shady deal.”

Rafael Marquez has played for the Mexican national team in the World Cups on four different occasions and has played over 130 times for the team in the last two decades.